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    Greetings from North Georgia

    I've recently discovered the YouTube channel and have been rabidly consuming all the videos. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but thousands of hours of my childhood were split between playing D&D on paper with dice, and figuring out how to use whatever computer equipment I could get my hands on. That...
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    Favorite Atari system

    800XL will always be closest to my heart, in that I built mine in an old van's shoe box and bastardized a TRS-80 keyboard to work with it... and of course I had the half-duplex pulse dialing 110 baud modem with an old 13 inch b&w TV... no storage device at all.
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    Atari history YouTube series

    I'd love to see a detailed video series on the Atari 400/800/520ST/1040ST as well... I'm currently looking for a 520 or 1040 to restore.