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    Planet X3 Digital Download

    Ok, I've ordered Planet X3 for MS-DOS computers - Autographed Box Combo. I've downloaded it as Digital. File seems to be updated in May 2019.
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    Planet X3 Digital Download

    Because I'm collector of a lot of 5.25" IBM PC games package and retail disks (over 2000+ kinds), but I prefer to get original release. I heard that digital download version is adapted update version (not original) from another buyer. So I don't want the digital download, but I wonder original...
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    Planet X3 Digital Download

    I want to buy it with original release (first release version not adapted with update). (I don't want updated version.) I wonder it is only way to buy it as retail media + box.
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    About original disk image without update.

    Hi. I want to buy it as Standard Box 720K + 360K combo. Because I know that retail diskette doesn't include updated content but original. (Digital download version seems to be adapted new version, But I want it as original release version.) I prefer to get it as original, (No updated version...