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    Are computers getting faster? ... comment

    Core 2 Solo I know because I had a laptop that had that CPU in it. :geek:
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    Atari 5200 Common Problems?

    I recently purchased an Atari 5200 from someone on Craigslist. I remember having that console as a kid, and it came with the 2600 adaptor like what I had when I was a kid. My dad threw away the 5200 we originally had because it broke (such regrets looking back at it). However, my dad put it...
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    Macintosh Performa 550

    I think I'm going to check the motherboard and analog board to see if it fits the criteria of the capacitor juice David mentioned in his Macintosh LCII restoration video, I have a LCII myself and it has that plague on it too. That machine shows a white/gray screen and does nothing else at all...
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    Considerations for Retrobriting

    Something I've learned: the rubber feet on the bottom of my Commodore VIC-20 cases have gone gummy and needed replacing, as David had experienced with several of his retrobrite projects.
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    3% Hydrogen Peroxide and water for several days

    I noticed that in my experiments that the 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the one VIC20 started to feel wonder The 8-Bit Guy has to replace them on some of his restorations. It doesn't seem to be as significant as the ones he was showing in his videos though. I have to say that the...
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    3% Hydrogen Peroxide and water for several days

    For several days, I've been using the same bucket of water mixed with 3% Hydrogen peroxide on several pieces and have gotten them in much better condition than they previously were. Here, I've had 90+ degree days this week, so I thought it was the right time to do it. I'm novice to it, but...
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    Macintosh Performa 550

    There is no separate power supply in the machine, the power goes through the analog board.
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    Good books to read

    I did remember some mention of the website in the book, so I would say yes, some of the material from the book is probably on the website. I remember that Andy Hertzfeld was interviewed in the Bob Cringely documentary in the 1990's about the Mac.
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    Macintosh Performa 550

    I have a couple of early 1990's Macintosh Performa / LC all-in-one computers that do not power on whatsoever. I opened up the case on one of the machines to look for a leaking battery or bulging capacitors, but nothing seems to be out of place. I replaced the clock battery for a new one, tried...
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    Good books to read

    I recommend Revolution in the Valley - The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac was Made by Andy Hertzfeld, one of the people who was part of making the original Macintosh.
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    Hello from Chicago!

    Hi everyone, I'm Mike, I'm 30 years old, and I'm from the Chicagoland area. Watching The 8-Bit Guy, LGR and a few others on YouTube have inspired me to take another look at computers - the ones I never grew up with, before my time. I've learned so much about the older systems from watching...