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    Forum Rules

    The following rules apply to all interactions in the Murray² Forums. These rules may be updated or amended over time, so we suggest checking back from time to time. BEHAVIOR Treat every member with dignity and respect at all times. Insulting, attacking, or demeaning other members is not...
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    New Forums

    We've added a new forum for Modern Computing! A great place to talk about modern PCs, Macs, gaming, and the like. Go be one of the first to add a topic!
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    New Forum General Chat

    This is just a general chat forum! Talk about anything and everything here. Perfect place for off-topic content.
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    New tabletop arcade

    I built a new tabletop arcade and it turned out just awesome!
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    Introduction to the Oscilloscope and my Recommendations

    I feel like one of the tools that baffles those new to electronics for the longest period of time is the oscilloscope. It's really a fantastic tool for troubleshooting electronic devices, circuits and components. It's also very misunderstood. I've created two resources to get people started...
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    Disable and remove .DS_Store files stored on network locations

    Not specifically SBC related, but in building my Raspberry Pi NAS, this irritated me to no end. My Mac creates .DS_store files all over the place and it looks terrible on my WIndows and Linux boxes that are connected. Here's how to kill it: .DS_Store files contain extended attributes created...
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    Check out my Pi1541 Build

    I built a Pi1541 and it is awesome! Check it out. The Pi1541 emulates a real 1541 using a copy of the Commodore 1541 ROM and a 6502 CPU emulator. Pretty cool stuff!
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    Arduino vs Teensy

    Looking to learn the difference between the Arduino and Teensy? They are both fantastic platforms, and both have pro's and cons: Arduino Nano: 20Mhz RISC based Micro-controller 32K flash 2K RAM ~$8 on Amazon Teensy 3.6: 180Mhz ARM Cortex-M4 1M Flash 256K RAM Micro-SD Card slot ~$37 on...
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    What's your favorite classic arcade game?

    What's your favorite classic arcade game?
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    Kick off this forum with Retropie!

    I was asked why we didn't have a section on Arcades. Yep! We need one! How to setup and use Retropie:
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    Does CA (aka super glue) suck?

    OK! Lots of discussion on this topic. Let's take a poll! Does it suck or does it work great? Leave a comment below to tell us what you think!
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    Looking for Moderators!

    Want to be a moderator? Want to help stop spammers or fake David Murray accounts in the tracks? We need you! Send a private message to @The8BitGuy and/or @TheGeekPub with a short note on why you'd like to be a mod. You'd want to be someone we know and trust and can prove you're real. ;-)
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    New VIC-20 repair video

    Found a yard sale VIC-20 that's in great shape! However, the case clips are busted. So I 3D printed some new ones.
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    New Video! Using the DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor with the Raspberry Pi

    Using the DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor with the Raspberry Pi! Video Code and Wiring Diagrams
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    Anyone been to Computer Reset in Dallas (Skillman Ave)?

    @Rob recently visited computer reset in Dallas and shared these pictures. Anyone been there? Anyone find anything awesome? Anyone want to go with me?
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    Full Size R2-D2 Build

    For those who don't know, I am building a full size R2-D2! I am using a Raspberry Pi for the brain with multiple Arduino Mega 2560s to control actuators and the like. It's been a lot of fun figuring everything out and I still have a long way to go.
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    My review of the LattePanda

    I reviewed the LattePanda about a year ago. It's a decent little computer and now that the price has come down its even better.
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    Welcome to the Murray² Forum! Take a minute to introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the new forum! We're glad you're here! Take a minute to introduce yourself!