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  1. HatCigarNeckbeard

    Bored kids need simple programming

  2. HatCigarNeckbeard

    New 8-Bit Style BASIC Interpreter for Modern PCs

    It's based on Qt, OpenGL, and FreeType, so I could probably produce a Linux build, if there's enough interest. Unfortunately, I can't open source it, because it's using some proprietary code from my day job (with permission of course).
  3. HatCigarNeckbeard

    New 8-Bit Style BASIC Interpreter for Modern PCs

    I though this might be of interest to some people on this forum. I've recently finished a new 8-bit style BASIC interpreter for modern PCs called 8ASIC. Here's a video showing all the demo programs included with it: If you're interested, grab the installer here: Windows Mac The Mac installer...
  4. HatCigarNeckbeard

    Favorite Atari system

    Atari 800XE was my first ever computer. It was basically a rebranded 65XE sold mainly in Germany and eastern Europe (I was born in Czechoslovakia). It didn't come with any games, but the built-in BASIC was enough to get me hooked for life. Later when I did get some games, I loved to show off...
  5. HatCigarNeckbeard

    Welcome to the Murray² Forum! Take a minute to introduce yourself!

    Ciao from Italy! I started my retro computing career with an ATARI 800 XE back in the day. I came to the channel via 8-Bit Keys, while looking for vintage kids keyboards, but now I'm very interested in the Commander X16 project.