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    keyboard concerns

    I was looking at the I/O and memory layout in the X16 documentation, and I noticed that the PS/2 keyboard signals are just plumbed through to a couple of pins on a VIA. Unless I've missed something, that setup feels both CPU-intensive (0.6 to 1.1 ms per event depending on how fast a clock the...
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    the-8-bit-guy and iconic ZX-Spectrum (not zx80/81)

    I'm reasonably sure the plain ol' Apple II was no more useless without a floppy drive than the PET 2001 or the TRS-80 Model I were.
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    fumbling my way into 65C02 assembly

    As a starting point for beginning to grok 65C02 assembly (my only prior assembly experience is things like "drive a UART on x86" and "modify the very early startup code of a PowerPC SBC's boot ROM", which are not particularly helpful as a reference point for "how do I 6502?"), I wrote this short...
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    16 bit float for Zilog Z80, anybody interested?

    The traditional primary use of shadow registers is making IRQs faster (by removing the need to save/restore all the registers at start/end of the IRQ handler), so application code that uses them without disabling interrupts may yield exciting (i.e. wrong) results.
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    So what was your first computer?

    Our first computer was the TRS-80 Model III that Dad bought sometime between January and August 1981. (We had a ZX80 or 81 at one point as well, but I can't remember the relative timing because I was, like, five at the time.) My first computer was a Commodore 64 that got bumped out of the...
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    Building a Win95 PC, mobo just came today. Was hoping some of you could answer some questions I have.

    The EU has banned the manufacture of general-purpose NiCd batteries, which is why VARTA (a German company) doesn't make them any more. (There are two exemptions from the EU ban on NiCd batteries: emergency lighting/alarms, and medical equipment.)
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    Building a Win95 PC, mobo just came today. Was hoping some of you could answer some questions I have.

    Looking at the photo, it's definitely not a lithium battery. It's a three-cell NiCd pack (rated 3.6V). Depending on how fussy the circuit that draws from it is, a simple set of three AAs might not be a suitable replacement.
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    Building a Win95 PC, mobo just came today. Was hoping some of you could answer some questions I have.

    If you see that kind of battery and don't trust its condition (and I prrrrobably wouldn't trust it, looking at those photos), I would very much recommend replacing it before you turn on the equipment.
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    Easiest (to read and write) way to position the cursor on X16 BASIC?

    I'm writing a game that is intended to be approximately a homage to the late Daniel M. Lawrence's Telengard, so I have a bunch of text display elements that want to be in specific places on the screen. Both as an aspect of the homage (DML wrote the original PET version in BASIC), and because...
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    Which ASM assembler is the X16 team using?

    They're using the ca65 toolchain (you can see this in the Makefile of x16-rom).
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    A WD 65C02 board can buy now.

    It's a prototyping board for developing the hardware and software of an embedded system. It's not really comparable to the X16, which is a homage to the 8-bit home computers of the 1980s and comes with built-in sound and graphics chips, an SD card socket, an IEC interface for communicating with...
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    YM2151 - register maps?

    Since, of the planned sound chips for the CX16, the emulator only offers the YM2151 for now, can anyone point me to a downloadable register map (or, even better, register map + programming guide) for the YM2151? My google-fu is failing me.
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    Did you update your ROM image as well? You have to use the same version of the ROM as of the emulator.
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    Programming question: File I/O from BASIC on the X16 emulator

    Cool, thanks for the confirmation :)
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    Programming question: File I/O from BASIC on the X16 emulator

    I'm writing a game in BASIC on the X16, and I thought to myself "having load/save functionality is not essential but would be kind of neat". Unfortunately, the command flow for creating and writing to a sequential file on the C1541: 1 DV=1:REM LOCAL FILESYSTEM ACCESS 10 OPEN 15,DV,15 20 OPEN...
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    Welcome to the Murray² Forum! Take a minute to introduce yourself!

    Hi, I'm (nearly) 43 and I live in the UK. The family home had computers in it nearly as far back as I can remember - my dad bought a TRS-80 Model III in 1981, and an assortment of other machines from Apple, Tandy, Commodore, and Atari made appearances over the years. The one dearest to my...