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    LINE and other graphics commands in X16 BASIC V2

    I tested the new LINE command in Commander X16 BASIC V2 with an example from Commander X16 Programmer's Reference Guide in newly compiled x16emu with matching rom.bin. 10 SCREEN 128 20 FOR A=0 TO 2*π STEP 2*π/200 30 LINE 100,100,100+SIN(A)*100,100+COS(A)*100,5 40 NEXT There is one name of...
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    Want to develop a program that prints the current keyboard layout on the screen

    I would like to develop a program (in BASIC V2, CC65, or CA65) that prints the current keyboard layout on the screen, but I don't understand the keyboard maps in memory. I was wondering if anyone here understands these. I read lines 104 and 105 (that may change) in...
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    List BASIC Keywords Program in Wiki Doesn't Work

    There is a program at the X16 emulator site's Wiki: 10 BASE=$C0A6 20 FOR P=BASE TO BASE+286 30 G = PEEK(P) 40 PRINT CHR$(G AND %01111111); 50 IF G > 127 THEN PRINT "", 60 NEXT P When I run it I only get garbage characters...