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  1. Escher

    Regarding distribution for first prototype boards... question/suggestion

    I've been involved in some other folks retro hardware development and just wanted to throw this out there for the dev's. There are a few of us that are pretty hardcore - and are dying to get our hands on the early proto boards. Even if they are just in semi "kit" form - i.e. you send just the...
  2. Escher

    Do you need Volunteers to review the manual?

    As I mentioned in my "welcome" message - I'm starting programming with my Kids and the emulator looks like a great place to start.. I'd *love* to start going through the manual and using it to teach them some basic - if you need editors / reviewers - please feel free to contact me!
  3. Escher

    Good day folks!

    Of course I just saw the Commander X16 vid last night and immediately ran out to get more info... Been a fan of David's Vids for years, but this was definitely a "Shut up and take my money!!" moment! I have two kiddos, 10 and 9 - who I will immediately get started on programming with the...