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    Splitting Raspberry Pi 3B+ USB Ports

    In my current project, I have an HDMI display connect to my Pi, and the capacitive touchscreen connects via micro usb to the usb on the Pi. I've another item that will probably also connect via micro usb to usb. All of this I will be putting into a case, and I'd rather not have a cable running...
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    "standard" I/O compatibility

    One of the things I do whenever I get a new vintage computer, or get one working, is get it onto my network. Doesn't matter; even my Psion handheld, I gotta get it on my network before I'm satisfied. Some of this is to facilitate transferring data. Some is just bloody-mindedness... I think it...
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    Combining / splitting Audio outputs on Pi, Fona, amp?

    So I'm building myself a PiPhone (it's been a very educational and exciting experience, so far!) I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and an Adafruit FONA Sim5320A module (also battery, powerboost, etc). The display I'll be using is a 5" HDMI capacitive display. My dilemma; The FONA has audio out both...
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    Commander X16 in a Checkmate 1500+ Case?

    Retro Man Cave had a video recently where he built an Amiga 500++ and put it in the Checkmate 1500+ case. Naturally I immediately wondered if the Commander X16 would fit in that case. For those who don't know, the Checkmate 1500+ is a case that looks a LOT like an Amiga 3000 case, but will fit...
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    Adafruit / GPIO Compatibility?

    I've been working on a Raspberry Pi project of late, and spending a lot of time on Adafruit's website both looking for info and components. Looking at all the cool toys on their website, I thought maybe being able to use some of them with the Commander X-16 would be very cool. I mean, they have...
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    Planet X3 on the HP 200LX?

    I just picked my boxed copy of Planet X3 up at the post office, and on the way back, the thought popped into my head... "I wonder if it would play on my HP 200LX?" Has anyone tried playing it on a 200LX? Any reason why I shouldn't try?
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    Parallel Port MIDI / Sound Card with Tandy Model 100?

    I intend asking on the M100 mailing list, but I thought I'd ask here, in case someone has tried it or might have information about why it can/can't be done. There are Adlib, Covox and Midi compatible parallel port cards for sale in the 8-Bit Guy shop. I can't decide which I want to get (first)...
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    IIGS vs ][e Platinum

    For a long time I wanted a Mac SD/30 (I used to have one back in the 90s, and missed it). I've also wanted to get an Apple ][e Platinum with the numeric keypad. I've never played with Apple ][ software. I thought the IIc was cool, but I wanted the option for expansion, and thought the ][e looked...
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    Does Planet X3 support the Roland MT-32 et al?

    I'm about to get Planet X3. I just got a Roland MT-32 the other day (inspired by 8-Bit Guy and LGR review videos) and I have it hooked up to my PC running Linux, and I *love* it. I'll sometimes call up Space Quest 3 in DOSBox, just to listen to the music. I'm still learning how to use it. Will...
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    Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32

    Watching the 8-bit Key videos, particularly the one from the meet-up in Germany, inspired me to buy myself a new Midi keyboard. I'm amazed at what it can do, and I haven't even finished downloading the accompanying software (it comes with a dozen programs for Windows or more). My only previous...
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    Planet Xn Bundle?

    Is there, or will there be a Planet X1, X2, X3 bundle available? I suppose we could just order all 3 at the same time, but it would be worth paying more for a standard X3 if it came with digital downloads for X1 and X2... I don't know if that would be financially viable for you or not, however.