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  1. Southoftheline

    Atari 400 / 800 fan cooling mod?

    I'm not too well versed in modifying hardware, but I think it would work. I presume your biggest problem would be sourcing power from the power supply without frying yourself or the machine and having the thing actually work. Some additional input based on images of the 800 and my own knowledge...
  2. Southoftheline

    Favorite Atari system

    800XL. It not only was the second retro machine I ever saw, it was the machine I started watching demos on, and god they amaze me. I hope I can get one for myself, alongside a cassette drive so I can make some more memories with it.
  3. Southoftheline

    Greetings from South Carolina

    Just some lad here who has watched 8-bit guy for about 2 or so years. My retro computer experience consists of the Atari 400 (Never. Again.), Atari 800XL, and some usage of an ST with the original hard drive and such, with the rest being emulators and videos. I guess that's it, aside from my...
  4. Southoftheline

    Module Trackers

    I have been using module trackers for about four years now, each with their separate quirks and oddities, and covering various machines. I personally love the Atari POKEY, MOS SID chip, and the Nintendo APU chip, and these are covered by Raster Music Tracker and Deflemask, and thus those two...