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    IchigoJam (IchigoJam BASIC, IchigoLatte JS/Ruby/FORTH, etc.)

    IchigoJam is an SBC from Japan: "Ichigo" refers to strawberry 🍓 and Japanese reading of 15 is "ichi-go", This price is 1500+ yen+tax or US$15+. You can buy it at PCN (Programming Club Network): IchigoJam BASIC RPi (It...
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    Japanese PCs (MSX, PC-60/66/80/88/98, FM-7/FM-TOWNS, X1/68k, Pocket Computer, etc...)

    I posted and found that there are people who are interested in the Japanese PC at that time. I made this thread. In the 80's, many personal computers were made in Japan. MSX, MSX2. MSX2+, MSX turbo R PC-6001, 6601, 8001, 8801, 9801, 9821 FM-7 FM-TOWNS X1 X68000, X68030 Pocket Computer (Mainly...
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    Hi from Japan. My most used programming language is BASIC.

    Hi, guys. Of course I always check the 2 YouTube channels. I am not interested in water balloons, but I like balloons. 🎈😍 (Do you remember the oldest videos of TheGeekPub?) I studied BASIC using MSX in Japan: (My site "MSX JAPAN▉"...