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  1. TomXP411

    MSX Retro systems

    Has anyone tried any of the FPGA MSX retro systems, such as the OneChip MSX, SX-1, or Zemmix FPGA MSX? I'm thinking of digging into MSX, and while I'll start with an emulator, I'd like some actual hardware, too.
  2. TomXP411

    Sound card recommendations

    The PCI Sound Blaster isn't actually as good as the ISA version for DOS gaming, but it should work great for Windows 95. Let us know how it goes.
  3. TomXP411

    Looking for your opinion

    This is similar to something I want to do... I want to mount a modern motherboard in an old portable computer case. Only, I want to emulate the old hardware and run CP/M or DOS on modern silicon. Anyway, If you're going to go all out, you could easily put a Micro ATX or Pico ITX computer in...
  4. TomXP411

    New Project

    I'll give you a huge shortcut and suggest you look at the Altair 8800 emulator by David Hansel. The IMSAI 8080 is virtually identical to the Altair 8800, but with an additional set of 8 LEDs to display the state of port 255. Adding the code to display the Programmed Output wouldn't be hard -...
  5. TomXP411

    Sound card recommendations

    The best sound card for vintage and retro gaming would be a Sound Blaster 16 with the WaveBlaster daughterboard. However, your machine shouldn't have any ISA slots, so you'll need a PCI card. There are some PCI Sound Blaster 16s on EBay - that's probably what I'd look for.
  6. TomXP411

    Best options for Commodore 128 video out?

    You can't argue with success. Nice job. 👍
  7. TomXP411

    Software used in YT Videos

    Simple pictures like that can be done in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, inkscape, or Paint Shop Pro. It's more complicated if you want to animate the illustrations, but there are several 2D animation programs out there. Something like OpenToonz might work for what you need...
  8. TomXP411

    Best options for Commodore 128 video out?

    Yes, that's essentially what's going on. RGBI (or CGA) isn't really "digital." It's bi-state analog. Digital is an unfortunate, overloaded term. Essentially, it just means that a circuit is recognized as being "on" or "off", without any intermediate state. However, the common use of the term...
  9. TomXP411

    XSquawkbox issues

    XSquawkbox is a multiplayer addon for the X-Plane flight simulator. @ParkeLie I'd suggest hitting up the forums or the xsquawkbox folks for support on this.
  10. TomXP411

    Tandy RGB High Resolution color Monitor CM-11

    I don't have one, but you might just scan EBay for a CGA monitor. I believe the CM-11 is just a CGA display, so any CGA or EGA monitor should do the trick. Or, better yet, look for a CGA to VGA or CGA to HDMI converter. Then you can just use any modern flat panel display.
  11. TomXP411

    Best options for Commodore 128 video out?

    The 128's CGA output is completely different than HDMI, and AFAIK, there are no direct CGA to HDMI converters out there. Everything I know of uses the intermediate step of treating the CGA signal as an analog input, using resistors to feed it to an analog RGB scaler.
  12. TomXP411

    Introduction to the Oscilloscope and my Recommendations

    Thanks for this. I've been considering adding a scope to my collection of tools, and this is good info to have.
  13. TomXP411

    First development board rendered

    There will definitely be a fully assembled computer product - probably more than one model. I don’t think they know yet whether they’ll be able to offer a kit version, but David did note that a kit version would actually be no cheaper than the turnkey solutions. I guess once you engage an...
  14. TomXP411

    What is this?

    That looks like a generic PC clone. You'll have to open the case to see what's inside. It could be anything from a 4.77MHz XT to an early 386, based on the case design. However, if I was a betting man, I'd say it's likely to be an 8MHz XT from the mid 80s. And even if just that monitor works...
  15. TomXP411

    Booting DOS on a Commodore PC-1

    My first thought was this is a sign of a CHS mismatch. (Cylinder, Head, Sector). Drives can often handle multiple logical geometries and map those to logical addresses in real time. For example, you might have a drive with 1024 cylinders, 4 heads, and 80 sectors per cylinder. This maps out to...
  16. TomXP411

    Compaq LTE5000 series screens

    What I'd be worried about are the power supply and the driver. The CSTN and TFT screens use different technology to drive the LCD pixels, and it's possible that the video interface designed for the CSTN might not drive the TFT. What I'd suggest is trying to track down pinouts for the...
  17. TomXP411

    Booting DOS on a Commodore PC-1

    I would look at trying to format the SD card using a DOS boot disk on VirtualBox. You can mount a physical drive as a drive in Virtual Box, then use a floppy image to run DOS 3.3 (Compaq DOS 3.3 is the best version of DOS for 8088 based machines.) Or you might be able to use that system with a...
  18. TomXP411

    DOOM ST/Falcon port ?

    It's probably possible, at least in theory, but the 16Mhz CPU on that system isn't particularly fast. If I recall, Doom didn't really do well until you got to 32 bit CPUs running at 25 MHz or more.
  19. TomXP411

    Welcome to the Murray² Forum! Take a minute to introduce yourself!

    Welcome. I've been watching David's channel (The 8-Bit Guy) for a while now, and I've started reading The Geek Pub as a result of this forum. I think you'll enjoy both!
  20. TomXP411

    "VERA" Prototype (From David Murray on FB)

    First working prototype of the “Vera” video daughter board, which is currently rigged up on a cartridge board for the Commodore 64 for testing. This is a custom video chip that connects to the data bus so it is very fast! The picture is beautiful on a VGA monitor. Default text mode is 80x60, but...