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    Considerations for Retrobriting

    We should also have a thread where we can post things to consider and warnings when planning to do Retrobriting. So far as what David had experienced Retrobriting encourages rust spreading (if you Retrobrite something that has a metal piece in it ) and it will damage leather parts (as seen in...
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    Hydrogen Peroxide + water solution reuse effectivity

    I hope David can perform a test on how many times we can reuse the same Hydrogen Peroxide + water solution on different yellowed plastics and if he can also do a test in which he will place parts of the Hydrogen Peroxide + water solution that he already used in one Retrobriting session, then...
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    Software used in YT Videos

    I'm not sure if im in the right thread here, but may i ask what is the software that you use in your short clip explanations. Like in this one for example. Thanks!