Aloevera - A Graphical Asset Processing Pipeline for the X16/VERA


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Feb 20, 2020
(Cross posting here as I know there are plenty who don't care much for Facebook)

I've put a little hobby project together over the past while that I hope others in the community will find useful. It's called 'Aloevera', and it's a command line-tool meant to assist X16 developers with their Graphics development pipeline.

Aloevera processes images from modern PNG editors and outputs Assembly (or BASIC DATA statements) ready to include directly in your projects. However, it's more than just a simple transformation tool. It's fully aware of all of the Layer modes and pixel-depths that VERA supports, and will help you ensure that your source image data is constructed according to the particular constraints of your project's target mode.

It supports workflows for developing tilesets, tilemaps, sprites, and bitmaps in all permutations and pixel depths that VERA supports.
There's a detailed guide in the repository accompanied by a set of samples that demonstrate how to use Aloevera in your project. I also hope the guide and examples can serve as a good starting point for anyone looking to understand X16 Graphics development.

This is a completely free and open-source project, and I hope others who are interested in VERA will find it useful, and perhaps even consider contributing. It's also very new project and there are still plenty of issues as well as plenty of features that could be potentially be added. I look forward to hearing your feedback, and please feel free to open issues and PRs as you see fit!