Commodore 64 5 Pin DIN Composite Video Cable


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Oct 20, 2019
I have a Commodore 64 with one of the 5 Pin DIN video ports. I need a cable that will work with the 5 pin, but I can't find any cables. Does anybody know a good cable that is reliable and not a piece of junk?


Jul 19, 2019
I don't "know". Here is a possible source:

It is listed as a generic Commodore, Atari and Ti systems. The thing I am not sure of though is that they share the same wiring order.. So I don't know what color would be the Video and what would be the Audio without testing it. That is a problem with Ebay cables, you won't know what you get until you get it and test it. I would not plug it into the Commodore without testing it such as with a multimeter that the wires are going to where they need to. When doing so, you need to keep in mind you are looking at front of the plug and not the back, so make sure the diagram you are using is for the "front" of the plug not the "back" side of it.

I have a vintage 5pin Composite cable, but my new cables I have made myself, I like making things so.. If I were to buy one I may try that site. If you are up to making your own, I buy the connectors from, you can buy them otherwise they are just standard 5pin Din connectors in your case. I guess he has the 5pin ones, I get the Horseshoe 8pin ones there, and 6 and others.. All you need is a 5pin Din and a RCA cable to sacrifice or half of it anyways and make 2.