Control layout for a Classic Arcade Cabinet


New Member
Sep 12, 2019
Being new to this site, I am in the process of building a cabinet with PI 3 to run some classic arcade games. I have a list of around 50 games that I will be loading. The biggest question that I have is the layout of the control center (Joystick, etc.). I want to put a 1Up system on the cabinet that combines Joystick, Buttons, Spinner and Trackball all on the same play center. I think that this is possible as the PI 3 has 4 USB ports to plug the controllers into. The biggest question that I have is what layout should I use to position the stick/buttons, trackball and spinner? Stick and buttons will handle 90% of the games but want the trackball for Golden Tee and the spinner for Arkanoid and those types of games. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions!