Favorite Atari system


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Jan 4, 2020
800XL will always be closest to my heart, in that I built mine in an old van's shoe box and bastardized a TRS-80 keyboard to work with it... and of course I had the half-duplex pulse dialing 110 baud modem with an old 13 inch b&w TV... no storage device at all.
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Generation 8-bit

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Feb 8, 2020
I scraped the tar and gravel off the roof of a business building next door to a chicken processing plant for a full week with my dad as a kid to earn the money to purchase my first computer, an Atari 800XL, from a friend at school. This had to have been in the spring of '85 or '86.

Although I later bought an Amiga using a loan from a bank (I started working at Shopko in high-school and my brother cosigned IIRC), I still had that 800XL when my girlfriend, later wife, started dating me because our first date was her watching me install a write-protect bypass into my 1050; I was a senior in high-school so this had to have been '89 or '90.

I also purchased an Atari 130XE at some point during the mid-late 80's as well.

By the time I finally stopped messing with the 8-bits, mostly because I was married and had a brand new kid, I had that thing set up to a Hayse 1200b modem, a 256k RAM expansion and ran Sparta-DOS, accessing a Bernoulli-drive (10mb disc if IIRC) where I stored all my games, etc.

Fond memories!