Hello from California


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Aug 6, 2019
Hi, I'm just a kid who likes retro stuff and a wannabe collector. I got my first retro console(Gameboy Color) not so long ago, and I started(trying) to collect retro video game consoles(not computers, at the beginning) and I ended up with some Super Famicoms and Atari VCSes and the most of the usual stuff you see in any kind of retro collector's collection. One day at a flea market, I found a TRS-80 model 100 portable computer bundle that came with a bunch of other goodies for $50 which the seller claimed that worked. There was also a Commodore 64 bundle for $75, but I wasn't interested in Commodore stuff back then. However, it turns out it didn't work! Even the disk drive it came with it had a belt that wasn't really a belt anymore, but more of a big black blob. Now, I'm constantly regretting for not getting that C64. So, that's how I screwed my first computer-collecting experience up. After that, I mostly focused on collecting video game consoles, and I actually ended up getting a lot of goodies!(CIB Colecovision, Atari 2600 Q*bert's Qubes, etc.) When I was kinda getting sick of playing on all these stuff on a flat screen TV, I visited a Goodwill and got a woodgrain television to go with my Atari, and now I have a small corner in my bedroom where I can enjoy a game of Donkey Kong on my Atari and my Colecovision! I'm planning on expanding it soon though!