Hello from Germany


New Member
Feb 10, 2020
Essen, NRW, Germany
Hello @all,

My Name is Robert from Germany and I discovered this Forum while searching for a forum for retro computing. Since I am a big fan of the 8bit guy I guess I have found exactly the right place. :-D

My first Computer was a C64C, that I still own but rarely use, and most recently I bought a Commodore 16 just for fun. Also I am currently working on an App, that will be an 8bit Computer Simulator for Android. I'm not sure what it will be able to do and if it will be compatible with any vintage compute platform.

Since I have downloaded the Commander X16 Emulator I also tried a few things out with it's basic and was pleasently surprised that some of my old commodore basic programs are working on the X16 without any issues.