Hello from Pennsylvania


Jul 19, 2019
Well, I mostly missed the 8bit era. Unless you count the 2600 and NES, as that is what we had as kids. We never had a 8bit computer around in the 80s. I did have an old TI99/4a at some point in the early 90s or mid 90s, but no magazines and not much to go on. I ended up with some old still working IBM XTs I guess they were 5160 and a portable IBM 5155, while in school in the late 90s when no one else wanted them. At this point I kind of wish I had them around, but I don't know what I would do with them today. I would have hated to store them for the last 20+ years.

I did work with basic back in the early/mid 90s a bit, it was fun. I didn't have all those programs so many people typed in back in the old days from books or magazines. Or any programming books. I may have went into programming rather than electronics and after that computer repair etc had I been more into it though.

I like the the C64, it is one I never saw back in the day. I now have 2 working C64 breadbins and a C128. I like working on and with them, and making stuff for them. There is just that bit of preserving something that won't be around if it isn't taken care of. I would say that is largely due to The 8bit Guy (and other retro computer youtube channels) that I decided to pick them up as an extension of the hobby electronics I had been doing before finding his videos. They are from an era of computers that mixes many of my interests.

I am a bit less so on the IBMs, they are big, heavy, big, heavy, and as their current relatives can generally handle acting enough like them to make old software and games work (anything I am likely interested in). I would be plenty happy helping someone fix one of the old systems if I could, but I don't care to have any around of my own at this point. I do like the "old time games" from when I was a kid using my 486s and up though I don't get much time for that stuff. I find it interesting seeing the Retro Computers from 94+ and I get good memories and am like " I had that one" or "I repaired those for people in the day" or "I that could be one I built", rarely do I say "man I miss that thing, I wish I still had it". Yes park.com on the XTs, those were good times.

I like Arcades, Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, various other vintage electronics, Arduino, and a bit Raspberry Pi.

Being a computer technician during the day, I don't want to come home and work on Modern computers, I just want them to work correctly and work fast. I do love working with the C64 and various other electronics related projects though.