Help with a project: Atari 8 bit and X10


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Jun 11, 2019
Howdy from Austin.

I have set myself an interesting challenge, have hit a bit of a snag, and figured I'd reach out to like minded folks to see if this can be done.
I want to try integrating a few modern smart home equipment (Starting with Z wave lights and seeing if I can go from there) into my Atari 800.

The basic plan is to use an X10 protocol and convert it over to Z wave, which seems sound on its face as there was a bit of an integration craze about 12 years back.
The only issue is finding the X10 hardware for the Atari, if that was in production at all.

I found a mention of it in an Atari magazine made by Terrefic Corp.
Does anyone here know about Atari computers being used in X10 protocol?
May 22, 2019
X-10 sells a transmitter with an RS-232 port. You can connect that to any computer with the right adapter. That's the X-10 CM11A.

On the Atari side, you want to find the Atari 850. This is an RS-232 interface that plugs into the Atari's peripheral connector. There's one up on EBay right now.

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