LCD Monitor for C64 and Retro Computers


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Sep 20, 2019
Birmingham AL
I recently purchased a Commodore 64 C and had it connected to my old 20" CRT TV via RF and then composite (both at same time does not produce good picture). I wanted something better but did not know what to get. I wanted a flat Panel LCD that would work with S-Video from the commodore 64 at 60Mhz (NTSC as I am in the states). I remembered a youtube video that David did a while ago (
) on his choice in monitor which is the Dell UltraSharp series. I started doing some research on these to find out which ones had s-video input and came up with a list which I will include below. I cannot guarantee that all of these will work with your C64, but I purchased a Dell 2001FP refurbished for about $90 delivered and it works great! I like the 4:3 aspect ratio. It has some vertical banding, but good enough for me.

Modelsize (diagonal inches)Aspect Ratioresolutionvgadvihdmidisplay portComp & S-videoComponentadj standusb hubApproximate PriceNotes
Dell 2000FP20.14:3/Square1600×1200$40.00
Dell 2001FP20.14:3/Square1600×1200$90.99
Dell 2005FPW20.14:3/Square1680×1050$70.00
Dell 2007FP20.14:3/Square1600×1200$80.00
Dell 2007WFP20.116:10/Wide1680×1050$58.00
Dell 2405FPW2416:10/Wide1920×1200$92.00PIP, card reader -
Dell 2407WFP2416:10/Wide1920×1200$135.00PIP, card reader, had major banding issues and other display quality control issues before the A04 revision. -
Dell 2407WFP-HC2416:10/Wide1920×1200$135.00PIP, card reader, 92% color gamut, has ghosting issues under special conditions seen in 2% install base -
Dell 2408WFP2416:10/Wide1920×1200$125.003000:1 Contrast Ratio, 400 cd/m²(typ) Luminance output, 110% color gamut, PIP, card reader; suffers from a relatively high amount of input lag. -
Dell 2707WFP2716:10/Wide1920×1200$150.009-in-2 multi-format memory card reader. -
Dell 3008WFP3016:10/Wide2560×1600$299.009-in-2 multi-format memory card reader.
Insignia NS-15LCD154:3/Square1024 x 768$31.00Built in Speakers - $31 PCLiquidations -
Gateway FPD2185W2116:10/Wide1680 x 1050$74.00$74 -
HP LP2480zx2416:10/Wide1920 x 1200$79.00No stand - $79 -
HP TFT20252016:10/Wide1600 x 1200$20.00$20 -
ViewSonic VX2435WM2416:10/Wide1920 x 1200?
Gateway LP24172416:10/Wide1920 x 1200?



Jul 19, 2019
I have debated buying one of those off and on. I had one of the 16:10 monitors that I gave away years ago before doing anything with "Retro" computers. They certainly give plenty of useful options to connect up old computers and other game systems to without converters.
May 22, 2019
I also have a 2001FP that I found at the thrift store. It's my favorite monitor for retro gaming, even though I don't like the rounded look.

However, mine is not quite 4:3. It's a little bit wider than that. It's not 16:10, either, but something in the middle...


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Dec 7, 2019
I too have a Dell 2001FP and it was my main PC monitor for quite some years. I recently hooked it up to my C64 (S-video) and could see a white vertical line at the far left of the screen. As the C64 warmed up and I used the computer the white line would change in width (by a few pixels) and would shimmer. From what I have read this white line is perfectly normal on the output from the C64 and it would normally be completely hidden off-screen on CRT monitors due to overscan. While I have seen many people recommend the Dell 2001FP for C64s, and they all say how good it looks, I haven't seen anyone mention the intrusion of the vertical white line. Thanks to your picture above I can see that you too have that white line, but it is much narrower than on my setup. Do you see the line all the time? On my screen it is wide enough to be quite annoying, particularly when shimmering.

While I love this monitor, the biggest downside for me is that it doesn't have an overscan function or a zoom function that moves in small increments. The zoom on the 2001FP is in very large increments and even the first zoom settings is far too much.