My 8bit Computer App


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Feb 10, 2020
Essen, NRW, Germany
Hi @all,

I have been working on an App, that basically emulates my own 8bit Computer, for quite some time now, and it's still pretty far away from being finished, but it has now reached a state, where it's at least possible to write a hello world program and change the colors on the screen.

It would be great, if some of you could try it out. The main gimmick of the app is, that it uses a T9-Keyboard, as it was typical for old cellphones back in the day. My motivation for this was, that I always hate, when Emulators on smartphones show the whole original keyboard from some old computer or just use the standard android keyboard for typing.
I'm not including any manual or guide on purpose, because I want to know, how people are able to use it, if I don't stand next to them explaining (this is always sooo hard to imagine if your the one making the app...).
If your familiar with any old computer that runs basic it should be fairly easy to figure out how to do anything. Specially since it's not yet possible to type in unknown words.

If you're afraid to install an unknown app on your smarthpone you can just use an old one with no simcard in it. The App does not need any permissions or connections. It would actually be interesting to hear, if the app is running on older phones.
Also: This is the first time that I am using "droidbin" to share an APK. If you expecrience any problems with the download or perhaps know a better website for that purpose, please let me know.

Here's the Download Link and a Screenshot: