New here but full of floppy goodness, Commodore 64/Amiga 128, and 2 Pinball machines.. and more (perhaps too much)


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Jul 31, 2019
Greetings, I'm a friend I webmaster for a review website, but what I'm curious about is how cross-compatible will this be for both C-64 and Amiga 128. My friend has a lot of games for each, I've been wondering if we'll be able to run both platforms on the Commander X16..
between us we should have 2 C-64s, and the Amiga 128, Even one of the Commodore joysticks that I've already modified to accept a keyboard.. and the software on floppy.. I'm the solder wrangler of the pair, him the gamer, but he'll be asking me for tech support when we get this thing going..
I understand we might not be able to read some media when it comes to setting up software, but if I understand things correctly we should be able to store the software on a large internal/external drive, plus a few vintage monitors (that might need new caps,etc) and vintage monitors of various sorts. Not trying to create a time machine, just a compatible platform that we can run the programs reliably taking advantage of the much larger storage capacity..

Myself, I have a collection of arcade games, having the luck to have had access and permission to salvage an arcade vendor's trash before it rained of they carted the stuff off to a landfill.. And so many CRTs they let the vacuum out prepping for disposal :(
Thanks, sorry for the carnage, but I recovered all I could within reason from that pile..
And I drove this game home safely with the ball in the platfield, in hindsight maybe I shouldn'tve..
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