New old stock Atari monitors !


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Aug 22, 2019
Hello !
Today I bought a TRS-80 COCO but I also came across these 2 Atari SC1224 & SM124 brand-new, in box monitors.

I was hesitant to buy them since I don't know their value..

Any ideas ?
Thanks !


Jul 19, 2019
A quick search shows the SC1224 should be a 15khz, RGB with Split/Separate Sync (Hsync and Vsync) if the post I found is correct. It sounds like a CGA monitor, it may work with a Commodore 128 80 Column RGBi or possibly any CGA based output as well as the Atari computers it was sold for.

The SM124 is another color monitor, I didn't quickly see any info on what it was, I would think being an Atari monitor for that era, it probably is a similar video input as the other monitor.

I while I won't pay the apparent starting price on Ebay of $200+ with over half being shipping costs though and hope I get a real working intact monitor.

They are just too heavy, and do wear out, and are likely to get damaged in shipping. That is why I am working on making up an option to take my C128 RGBi to a modern LCD. Still, if I found one I could pick up locally for a fair price, I would buy it. I would do more checking though to be sure I really could use the specific monitor with the computer I wanted to use it with.