Ozone UV Heat Retrobright chamber out of an old chest freezer


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Sep 16, 2019
So my thoughts I don't have the money to create this, but it should work well looking at all the experiments online.

Start with an Old Chest Freezer, Its pretty Much air tight and good at holding temperature which are key, Its a good size that should fit any large project without even the need to fully dissemble
Gut the chest freezer it.
add a removable Glass shelf in about the center leaving room around the sides for airflow

Add a small space heater on the bottom rep
placing the controls with a thermostat that goes can handle about 150°F though for precise temperature control placed on the outside with some fans for circulation that wire the fans in a way to continue circulation when the heater is shut off

Add an Ozone generator I'm thinking this should work by pumping air in on the top with a one-way valve on the bottom to vent the normal air. Also there should be a latch on the top of the Freezer because the positive pressure will probably seep out of the seal otherwise.

Add Several UV Light sources around the sides top and bottom. Make sure the glass center shelf doesn't have UV protection. You should even be able to wire in a dimmer to control the level of UV light

Wire all the switches and displays on the outside making sure to seal all the wiring on the inside with silicone to avoid leaks same reason for the latch on top.

Theoretically you should be able to control the Temperature, Ozone, and UV level and even toss in a fully assembled electronics without causing damage, and depending on the cost of the freezer if it cost anything you should be able to construct it for under a few hundred dollars. Completely reusable and none weather dependent. I'd like to see someone take this Idea and run with it and perfect it.