Programming Basics for Commander X16


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Sep 14, 2019
Does anyone have suggestions for learning how to program for the C64/128 and eventually for the X16? Not BASIC - I'd really like to learn the, er, basics of assembly and I think it would be fun to do it retro-style. I've been watching David's videos on the development of his C64 game and those have been helpful pull back a few layers of the mystery of assembly, but I know there's a LONG way to go.

So, how should I get started? I'd appreciate any insight.

Thank you!



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Sep 19, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Check out my quick start resources list. There are a number of resources there for programming in assembly, including 6502 guides and instruction lists. There's even a small guide for writing assembly for the X16 by ChibiAkumas. His guide hasn't been updated for r31 of the X16 emulator yet, so you'll either need to stick with r30 or use the official VERA docs along side his tutorial (which has an updated memory map for r31/VERA 0.8). And finally, there are some assembly examples included in the x16-demos repository on github.