Serious error - File, line 3 (Zone <untitled>): Value not defined (MACHINE_C64).


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Dec 23, 2019
Hey, I'm trying to assemble the demos in the x16 demos repository, and when I try to assemble the file I get the error: Serious error - File, line 3 (Zone <untitled>): Value not defined (MACHINE_C64). The command I used to assemble was: ./acme -f cbm -I C:\Users\NAME\Downloads\x16emu_win-r35\x16-demo-master\assembly\ --cpu 65c02 -o demo.prg C:\Users\NAME\Downloads\x16emu_win-r35\x16-demo-master\assembly\sprite-demo.asm


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Jan 25, 2020
In case you are still having this problem, I believe it is because you lack a -DMACHINE_C64=0 argument on your command line. The -D<SYMBOL_NAME> argument allows you to specify a global symbol. The code you are trying to assemble must contain a reference to this symbol (most likely as a pre-processor directive used for optional assembly), so by not specifying a value the assembly fails.

A lot of the demos have been written to be able to optionally assemble on the C64, so it's important to tell the assembler that is NOT what you are doing.