Strange issue on a Samsung SyncMaster monitor


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Oct 16, 2019
Hi all

Thanks to David for his very instructive channel and for his easy to understand english !

My Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM monitor have a strange issue on the screen, I am not sure if it is a kind of "Electronic Issue" that may be fixe or if the LCD flat screen is just too old or have some kind of mushrooms inside as I live on a tropical island with a lot of humidity.

It started to "stain" 1 year ago from the top of the screen and now, after not using it for 2 months, most of the screen is affected.

I attached some pictures hopping somebody did saw the same before.

As you can see : The default is mostly visible on a dark background and the screen is "nearly still usable" with a white background.

On the macro picture of the pixels with an expected black background : we can see that many pixels are colored.

Any help will be welcome as I have no idea if I can expect to fix it or not.

Thanks in advance for any answer.