Virtual Vintage Computer Fair

May 22, 2019
Hey, guys! This message comes to you from John Kennedy, of the Altair 8800 user groups. This is for all retro and vintage computer enthusiasts..

The VCFPNW event due to be held in Seattle this month was cancelled - but that doesn't mean we can't still share our love of older computers.
Why not make a short (5 minute max) video, and publish it to YouTube on March 21/22? We can then all explore the videos over the weekend!

So John is asking people to upload videos to YouTube (ahead of time) and tag them with #RetroFair
I also suggest #RetroFair2020 to make this easier next time.

Submit your video links here by 3/16, and I'll forward them on to John to be included in a master Retro Fair playlist.

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