Who has a Tinker Board? And what do you use it for?


Staff member
May 19, 2019
Washington, D.C. Area
Picked up a Tinker Board a few months ago... was impressed by the fact that it had more memory and could use larger SD cards than the Pi 3 B+.

I quickly ran into issues finding an OS that I could run that supported proper sound and video configurations for RetroPie (i.e. running RetroPie under TinkerOS-Debian, for example, or even Armbian for that matter). Also had issues with setting custom video modes with xrandr, but that's nothing new for me :)

So, at the moment, I'm currently running TinkerOS-Debian and just using it for general Arm development.

I have loaded TinkerOS-Android onto the Tinker Board in the past and was able to load Google Services to connect to Google Play and download apps, which was pretty cool.

What are you running on your Tinker Board, and what do you use it for?