Yamaha PSR-6700


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Jun 5, 2019
I inherited an old PSR-6700 Homekeyboard from my late Granddad.
As far as i can tell it has the TMC3493PH (1989) Yamaha soundchip in it, and is the biggest Keyboard with this Chip.

To be honest, i prefer older Yamaha Sounds (repaired an analog homeorgan) or newer Sounds.
Got a Yamaha DB50XG Wavetable which i use since i bought it in 1995.

The Keyboards works, but the Rubberswitches need a cleaning and maybe new contacts, never had Batteries in it !
I planned to do refurbish for 6 years now, but i don't have the time for it, i have always other Projects running.

Would David Murray be interested to have it? Without refurbishing it is nearly worthless, even with about 100-150€ when i am lucky.
Of Course I would ship and donate the Keyboard for free.

Short Specs:
Dimensions: 1210mm (47-5/8")x 405mm(10-10/16") x 131.8mm (5-3/16")
76 Touch Response Keys with 40 notes Poly
100 Voices and 100voices programmable and storeable on 3 1/2 Disk. Some of the original Disk maybe still working.
8 Percussion Pads, 3 Programmable. Build in Sequencer with 8 Tracks.

The Pinnacle of the 80's Homekeyboards from Yamaha even when it comes from 1991, it is basically an upgraded PSR-3500.