Your newest piece of retro-tech


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Feb 10, 2020
Essen, NRW, Germany
Hi @all,
since there is already a thread for your first computer and your current modern computer, why not add one for your most recently acquired old computer or accessory. :cool:

I"ll start with the Commodore 1541 Disk Drive I just bought yesterday. I already have one original 1541 drive, that I bought a few years ago. But since my original Commodore 64 is the redesigned C-Model it didn't really match the computer, so I'm glad I found this one on ebay-kleinanzeigen.

It even came with the cables and a bunch of disks. So far I've found "Winter Games", "Simon's Basic" and various productivity software in this stack. Also there are some Programs included, that need Windows 2 to run, and some Disks are just labeled "Rainer's Backup". Maybe if I ever get a 5,25" Drive for my old Laptop, I will be able to figure out, if those still work.


May 22, 2019
Brigadier keyboard.jpg

New keycaps for my USB keyboard. I spent most of this evening getting VICE to work properly with all the keys, then getting VICE to talk to my Altair clone....


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May 19, 2019
Washington, D.C. Area
I'm always buying retro stuff. Current focus is on getting an AMD Athlon XP system going...just bought a motherboard, a HDD, a case, and a Gotek.

Last weekend I picked up two CRT monitors. Also hosted a retro party.

Weekend before that I picked up a Model M keyboard and MS natural keyboard.

I made an infographic of my collection...started collecting last year.
May 22, 2019
Did you succeed?

Also: Where can I buy Keycaps like that? 🤩
Yes. However, the terminal program didn’t seem to have a way to disable sending an init string, which makes it awkward to use as a dumb terminal.

I ordered the keycaps from WASD Keyboards, using a custom layout file. I can’t give you that one, as it was shared privately, but I’m building a new one from an open source version. That one is here:

I need to make some more edits, and I want to add C128 keys. However, this should work now for VICE x64 keycaps. (I will add a keyboard map file that matches this layout.)


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Jul 31, 2019
Tromsø, Norway
A few weeks ago, I got myself a PCMCIA Compact Flash reader, since my nineties laptop doesn't have a CD-ROM. I can now easily switch out the secondary CF card, instead of having to disassemble parts of the PC to get access to the primary CF card. This makes copying large files to the machine significantly faster than using sftp over the 10 MB Ethernet connection...