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Syntax error in 790
As it's trying to show the generated map
I've done some digging and it looks like at some point they changed the BASIC tokens for VPEEK and VPOKE. I've updated the original post with a new file. Thanks so much for reporting this!
Awesome! :D
I got it to generate the map.
Controls are wacky though.
W,A,Right,Down work as expected.

D moves down
S does nothing
Left does nothing
Up does nothing

The other controls (IJKL?) also don't do what you'd expect.

Using only W,A,Right,Down,Space,Enter, I was able to play the game though.

Pretty nice port of a classic time-waster. :D
All time MSX user, done lot of photography with those amazing machines. msx.pics/hamlet
hi guys love watching youtube and the 8biyguy stuff love the nidi controllers and making use of them love the thrift ttore mostly into steros and music, but currently in process of making a recovery clothing line, been a long time since i was just a nameless face but either way i am basic nerd, i am curious about playing keyboards thru laptop and wanted some help in that area is it possible to tun pro unit thu