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I inherited an old PSR-6700 Homekeyboard from my late Granddad.
As far as i can tell it has the TMC3493PH (1989) Yamaha soundchip in it, and is the biggest Keyboard with this Chip.

The Keyboards works, but the Rubberswitches need a cleaning and maybe new contacts!

Would you be interested to have it? Without refurbishing it is nearly worthless.

Elkarlo aka Sebastian Klar
Hi. Your brother posted a call for moderators. Shot in the dark, but it's been ages since I have been a forum moderator. Would love to do it again. Might give me some inspiration for my own ideas too.
Need to break down and repurchase a new soldering kit after losing my temper ruining my Atari 5200 with my last one. I was being silly: it's impossible to ruin an Atari 5200 any more than Atari already did.